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My Chinese name is: John, Pu-guang Chen. But all my friends call me “John” just for convenience.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and left home at the age of 19 for Winnipeg, Manitoba to go to study at the University of Manitoba there. I graduated with a B.S. Degree in Psychology and later acquired a Ph. D degree in Therapeutic Counselling.

After moving to Austin, Texas, I went on to study naturopathic medicine and ended up turning into a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor licensed by the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

My interest also extended itself into bodybuilding when I was a teenager in Hong Kong which carried on until now and for the heck of it I was licensed as a certified personal trainer as well. The Gold’s Gym and World Gym in Venice Beach, California don’t sound too strange to me as I’ve been there and done that…in my good ole days. :)

Oh, to make my life more interesting, I have been a lifelong fan of Chinese martial arts, Wing Chun – the one practised by Bruce Lee and the true backbone of his Jeet Kune Do ( JKD ) – and had the pleasure of being trained by Sifu Wong, shun-leung, the real teacher of Bruce Lee, and it was Sifu Wong who advised Bruce how to prepare for the first fight of his life way back in the 50’s in Hong Kong. However, since I’ve wanted more than what “Wing Chun” could offer me, I went on to become a certified trainer after many years of training in another form of even more powerful Chinese Kung Fu, called “Yiquan.”

Yes, I know…I have one more to add here…While I was living in Austin, Texas after moving there from Canada, I was intensively interested in the study of psychic and spiritual development and was trained as a medium in the First Spiritualist Church in Austin, Texas for a very long time too. Many years of training led me to the certification of “Licensed Interfaith Minister” by the International Council Of Community Churches in Canada.

I’m therefore very much into the body, mind and spirit realms, so to speak.

Now, back to Feng Shui, I’ve been a Feng Shui consultant for over 30 years now, and enjoying every moment of it.

I love to see my clients experience immediate relief and improvements in their lives as soon as they have got their home and/or office sorted out according to the optimal Feng Shui set up as dictated by their particular environment.

Some will tend to think that, “oh, when it comes to Feng Shui, it only exists when you believe in it.”

But this is very far from the truth.

Every one of us is subject to the subtle energetic influences from the physical environment that they’re faced with (and bound by), and no one can be immune from such influences.

Have you experienced some new ways of thinking and then some new ways of doing things after moving into a new environment – whether it be your new home or office?

You’re unknowingly being influenced by the Feng Shui energy of the new place and therefore, if you’re sensitive enough, you will notice that the “flow” of your days is starting to change – some for the better, whereas some, for the worse. (But I’m sorry to say that since people tend to be quick to criticize and slow to appreciate, such a pattern will also easily manifest itself when it comes to how they experience the “flow” of the so-called “luck.”)

Anyway, there is so much about Feng Shui and how we can benefit from it that I shall keep writing to share as much as I can with you over here.

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